Season of fur and hats is finally among us..

My all time favourite movie..  ahh the clothes!!
me playing sax.. wills and kate were

Most people are thinking about knits and wooly hats this time of year. However, for the few of us that are lucky enough to be going somewhere a little hotter around New Year.. bikinis are something we have to spend some thought on. Now.. finding the perfect bikini is a triky business. And im not talking about any average bikini I am talking about THE bikini. The ultimate timeless bikini. Now for a time i thought it was this one iv had my eye on for a while in Agent Provocateur (click to have a look). However, after a meander down Bond Street this summer I stumbled across the swimwear section in Fenwick.. and there it was.. Heidi Klein.

Here I am on a beach in Tarifa (my favourite place in the world), matched with my fave vintage Reybans. Click on 'Heidi Klein' to see what its really ment to look like.. these photos dont show exactly how spectacular it is!