'dreamy deliciousness..'

Gothic folk.. love it!

Here I am skipping through the wood in a fuchsia sequin coat. Made by the fantastic Murray Abeid. As per usual 80's vintage 
Murray Murray Murray..
Here im tree climbing in this tinkerbell esc number. The sash goes all the way from my neck around my shoulders. Great shape, you really don’t see this style about much these days.. Im in love with the colours, electric green and yellow..mmmmm.
This gold numero that I am twirling round the lawn in, was designed by my grandmother Jeanne Mandry and made by George Boreham in the 70’s. Check out the shoulder pads! Aren’t they super? This coat has this buzzing confidence that makes you want to run and twirl and leap in the air.  - not made for the timid!
Now THIS dress is truly something. It just ventures into whole new realms of masterful extravagance. I am longing.. dreaming.. about the day I have the occasion to take this bad boy out on the town. Again Monsieur Abeid. Vintage from late 80’s. A real show stopper!!