Season of fur and hats is finally among us..

My all time favourite movie..  ahh the clothes!!
me playing sax.. wills and kate were

Most people are thinking about knits and wooly hats this time of year. However, for the few of us that are lucky enough to be going somewhere a little hotter around New Year.. bikinis are something we have to spend some thought on. Now.. finding the perfect bikini is a triky business. And im not talking about any average bikini I am talking about THE bikini. The ultimate timeless bikini. Now for a time i thought it was this one iv had my eye on for a while in Agent Provocateur (click to have a look). However, after a meander down Bond Street this summer I stumbled across the swimwear section in Fenwick.. and there it was.. Heidi Klein.

Here I am on a beach in Tarifa (my favourite place in the world), matched with my fave vintage Reybans. Click on 'Heidi Klein' to see what its really ment to look like.. these photos dont show exactly how spectacular it is!

'dreamy deliciousness..'

Gothic folk.. love it!

Here I am skipping through the wood in a fuchsia sequin coat. Made by the fantastic Murray Abeid. As per usual 80's vintage 
Murray Murray Murray..
Here im tree climbing in this tinkerbell esc number. The sash goes all the way from my neck around my shoulders. Great shape, you really don’t see this style about much these days.. Im in love with the colours, electric green and yellow..mmmmm.
This gold numero that I am twirling round the lawn in, was designed by my grandmother Jeanne Mandry and made by George Boreham in the 70’s. Check out the shoulder pads! Aren’t they super? This coat has this buzzing confidence that makes you want to run and twirl and leap in the air.  - not made for the timid!
Now THIS dress is truly something. It just ventures into whole new realms of masterful extravagance. I am longing.. dreaming.. about the day I have the occasion to take this bad boy out on the town. Again Monsieur Abeid. Vintage from late 80’s. A real show stopper!!

dancing in vintage..

There are very few things that i enjoy more than dressing up in fabulous clothes and dancing round the garden... 

so last week on a radiant wednesday afternoon i did just that!!  here  is the photographic evidence..

This fabulous lacey number is the masterful work of the beautiful and damn fine Norma Kamali.  You will be hard pushed to find many designers out there that can make a dress that is high neck, long sleeved with a floor length skirt as sexy as this one.  I find that Ms Kamalis designs often have a very timeless, old school sexiness.. and this dress is the perfect example. This piece is vintage 1985 and currently my faaavorite item of clothing. 

Big Purple skirt.

Rich, extravagant..LARGER THAN LIFE. This skirt has some serious character! Its wild electric grape colour is certainly eye catching.  Vintage and again made in the wondrous  80’s.  ahhhhh the 80ss. I was definitely born a few years too late.. gaaad damn!

In these photos you cant quite appreciate what iv paired with the skirt.  What looks like a mere vest it is in fact a 1930’s venician handmade, hand embroidered cami-knickers. The real McCoy. Vintage verging on antique. 

Jenny and Denis 

Royalty. When good old HRH is decked out in the same designer that you are wearing I tell you.. it feels pretty good. Jenny Packham

My dress is a short, stiff satin, off the shoulder little cheeky numero. Very cutsy. LOVE LOVE LOVE! .. Think Dennis here agrees.


Star struck, head turner, wow factor. This dress is just it. Fabulous doesn’t even begin to describe what this is. And whats more is that these pictures don’t even touch on how extrodinarily fabulous this dress is in fact is.. I will be wearing it on my wedding day! This dress was designed by Murry Arbeid vintage 1980’s, made for my grandmother. After a spot of research I found that Princess D had a very similar one made by Arbeid.. but you know what.. I prefer mine!   

 name is Lily and I have come to the conclusion that it is time to start a blog.

Over the past year I have been traveling all over the world Fiji, Australia.. China.. now however I am now making the big journey up north and settling down to do an ART and design degree at the University of Leeds.  although I intend for my blog to cover a little bit of everrrything..

To wet your appetite.. here are a few photos taken on my travels..
Yangshuo- China

Lady in mountain village - China

Beachcomber- Fiji
Big fish - Fiji



Chinese taxi

AHH Chinese rice fields... how glorious

Stay tuned x

drum roll..