Uniqlo polo neck, Mui mui sunnies.
Model: Poppy Worcester

Acne pistole boots, Walford tights, Robert Rodrigues skirt, COS cardigan, Topshop jacket, Chanel bag

Beautiful Bottoms

This playsuit was used in the 2012 University Leeds RAG Fashion Show which I styled.
The playsuit was designed by the fabulous up and coming London based lingerie designers 'Beautiful Bottoms'. Poppy, co-founder and designer of BB, has been generous enough to lend pieces for all the fashion shows that I have been involved in. Their pieces are effortlessly sexy, a necessity to every summer wardrobe!!

dancing tilly..

This look was used in the Leeds University RAG Fashion show which I styled.
Urban outfitters dress
Deepa Gurnani necklace
Model: Tilly Windsor

Harper's Bazaar fashion cupboard.

Harper's Bazaar Fashion cupboard in preparation for a Rita Ora shoot. I took these photos during my internship their last summer.

Rainbow Wave fashion agent

At RainbowWave fashion agent picking out pieces to use in the Leeds Rag Fashion Show, where I was head stylist.


Behind the scene of promo vid.

Here is a peek behind the scene of a fashion show promo vid that I styled.